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Part 1 : Complex Formula

Masculinity, aka inability, to be you, self, 

sentient thoughts of unprovable ability 

Inability to think eccentrically, intricate behaviour, dictated phenomena, aspiring genoma.


Words by the few standing in lakes of blood, indeed reincarnate the will of the one standing in erased crosses, erased crude pillars, with bases made of impeccable lies and rooftops made distinctively to take apart every humanity, to take aside any ability to be you.


You as a few, a complex formula, formulated to imprison the competent aura of individual sense, individually picked and built to impersonate the eventually lost, losing indeed again, the understandings of immaculate reality.

A reality so grim, what’s left of masculine is war and rage, raging on innocent souls, betrayed by a system built on bodies, bodies indeed, we describe whoever shares tears of vengeance, avenging the ones made to obey, disobeying the literal words of whoever selectively shot on the post, every ideal of pure ideals, gentle speeches, gentle nails, nailing down caresses, what’s masculine no longer, what’s toxicity moreover, including indulgent cuddles, well cuddles of poisonous stands.

Left alone are the few hunted down by spears of chained animals, the few laughing consistently at the many trying to be loving, trying to be trusting.

By Carlo Chirila.

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